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Fashion and 2018 style goals to follow this year
We have often come across men who whine about not having enough choices unlike girls when it comes to ethnic outfit or maybe you yourself might feel the same. This is probably because you haven’t yet explored the abundant possibilities in this new era. Ethnic outfits for men are no longer limited only to a kurta and countable 2-3 bottom wears.

Men now have learnt the art of experimenting just like women and doing some mix and match until they get it right. In this year trends, we have seeing rarest of all combination. It time men start getting inspired by these styles and leave the conventional trends behind for good. So for all those ladies out there trying to convince their men to pot on something that’s in fashion and for those men who still find themselves oblivious to the latest trends, we bring to you the top 2018 ethnic wear you just can’t say no to. It keep reading to know more.

1. The asymmetric kurta
These kurtas have become very popular among the ‘cool’ guys in Bollywood. An uneven hemline surprising does look more flattering than an even uniform one. You can also add a stole around the neck to complete the look.

2. Floral kurta
These kurtas look extremely subtle and are great if you do not wish to go for heavy embroidery kurtas.

3. Plain kurta with floral jacket
Since florals are totally in fashion, a jacket on your plain kurta is just what you’ll need to transform the simple outfit into an ace one.

4. Bandhgala with jodhpurs
Although these items already existed in the market, they never have been paired together and this is what makes the look so different. We wonder why this super royal experiment wasn’t done much earlier!